About Dean Rahaman

I started in the health and fitness industry because I believe to my core that helping and coaching people is what I’m born to do. From 2006 to the present day one of my core values is educating myself and my clients about the human body for optimal health, happiness and performance. I want to know why certain health conditions develop, how to prevent future complications and what to do about maintaining both physical and mental for the rest of your life.  

My job title and nature of what I do has changed dramatically from personal trainer to health consultant and confidence coach. Over the last 15 years my scope of practice and portfolio of skills and clients has been incredibly diverse. My passion lies in helping, supporting and guiding my clients to health and happiness. This happens through, losing weight, improving physique, being able to move pain free and positive mind-set training.

I have the vision of helping, supporting and guiding my clients to become the healthiest, happiest and most confident people they can be. I create a safe non-judgemental space where we focus on the end result of what you want and your journey to get there. Working with my clients I have helped to change negative relationships with food, dealt with mental health issues and digestive and gut disorders. Also helping them to move pain free, correct posture and improve their physique as well their overall outlook on life.

That change in health, attitude and watching my clients become happier and more confident means more to me than any transformation picture. To make people happy and successful is why I do what I do and why I continue invest my own education to better serve my clients.

How do we achieve results?

Through testing, science and leaving nothing to chance. 

It’s more than just eat less and exercise more, in some cases with clients its more like eat more and do less and get your metabolism working again. 

Initially it’s all about how well your body is performing right now. Blood pressure levels, resting heart rate, resting HRV score and BMI score. Fitness, strength, flexibility and movement test. As well as a mental health assessment making sure you’re truely ready to change and to embark on a journey that will literally change your life. 

Once all testing is complete, it’s then about the right type and amount of food for your body. It’s about the right type and amount of exericse prescribed specially for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a complete new starter to exercise or a seasoned athlete. It’s all about you, that why it’s PERSONAL TRAINING. 


What I can do for you

Nutrional Consulting

Full nutritional analysis, full calorie recommendation based on your own lifestyle and 100% bespoke to your goals.

Pain Free Movement

After a full analysis of how you move, flexibility checks and test. You’ll be taught how swtich off over active muscles and how to swtich on dormant muscles. End reuslt, move without fear and pain

Sports Massage

A great way to help realign the body, deep tissue massge to help take tension out of muscles. Destress your mental state and support that through taking the strain off your muscles.

Weight Loss, Fat Loss and Muscle Gain

The practical side of things where you receive a 100% personalised prescribed exercise plan than will evolve with you as your progress. 

Postural Correction

After a detailed movement and postural analysis. You’ll be prescribed exercises and stretches to start making postural changes to releive pain and improve your posture. 

Interactive Informative Lectures and Public Talks

Everything from weight loss, to metabolisim to stress management and the details of IBS and gut function, I prove fun interactive lectures and workshops across a broad range of subjects for the private and public sectors.


Customer Service

40-44 St. Georges walk,

Croydon. CR0 1JY

Online Training Available.

Get In Touch

For further details of how I can help you please do so. I genuinely want to get you on top form.