Dean Rahaman

Dean Rahaman

Owner and Elite Level Personal Consultant

Like most people, I didnt really know what I wanted to do when I left college. I ended up working with my dad as a roofer for 5 years before I had the brainwave. I love sports and I love learning about the human body, thats when the idea of being a personal trainer hit me. See the full story below.

Back in 2006 I wasn’t living to my full potential being a roof tiler. I needed to change my life and I had to ask myself the question. “What do I really love to do deep down?” the answer came back was that I love to learn about the human body, I love to help people feel better and I love sports. How can I combine the two? The answer become a personal trainer. Coaching, teaching and helping people has always been a natural talent of mine and personal training gave me the platform to help more people.

I started out my career in 2006 as a very naïve personal trainer. I didn’t really know how the commercial world worked and had to “sell” personal training sessions. That was news to me, the way they pitched it on my course was that people would be lining up for a PT. I got over this and did well in the gym as a PT and class instructor. I then had the opportunity to travel and work in Australia so I took it and learned a lot about the fitness industry and how gyms and personal trainers operate. I came back from Australia and picked up the personal training again in south London. During my time as a personal trainer and then subsequent gym manager I’ve taken on a huge portfolio of learning. Subjects include but are not limited to:

  • Advanced gym programming for weight loss, sports performance and muscle gain
  • Endocrinology (hormones in the body and what they do)
  • Biochemistry of digestion, weight loss, fat loss and muscle gain
  • Psychology of change and breaking old behaviour patterns
  • Advanced nutrition for performance, weight loss and muscle gain
  • Genetics in the body and how foods will influence gene function
  • Autoimmune issues in the body and how they start and how to fix them
  • Metabolic syndrome and how to heal it
  • Gut health and its implications across the rest of the body
  • Diabetes management
  • Thyroid management
  • Stress its role in the body and how to modulate the stress response
  • Performance based management
  • Award in education and training
  • Selling and closing
  • Goal setting for results and client follow up
  • Postural analysis and muscle corrections
  • Pain free movement

And the list goes on.

The result of all that accumulated knowledge is that I’m able to offer my clients a completely comprehensive health consultation. I’ve now grown from being a standard personal trainer to a confidence and wellness coach, performance coach, public speaker and educator. I’ve been able to take my clients (with GP consent) off blood pressure and thyroid medications, I’ve been able to help improve their thyroid function and gut health, improve their skin, hair and nails. The majority of my clients all report getting a zest for life and their personality back.


All this knowledge means that I know also give back to personal trainers who want to upskill themselves and become better coaches. I deliver a qualification for people to become personal trainers. I deliver public and private talks for charities, local authorities and businesses about mental health, stress, weight loss and management practices. These talks are all completely bespoke and tailored to what you as an organisation want the learning outcomes to be.


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