Nutritional Consulting

This is all about restoring health through wiser food choices, eating the correct amount of food and putting the steps in place to forge great habits to last a lifetime.

My main focus here is to assess your past history with dieting and exercising because this has a huge potential impact on your metabolism.  I also want to ascertain how ell your whole digestive system is functioning. I do this through a series of questionnaires that let me know well your stomach, liver, pancreas, gall bladder, small and large intestine are doing their respective jobs as an overall system. The benefit to knowing this information is that I can help reduce bloating, help improve sleep, clear up your skin, reduce some symptoms of IBS (irritable bowel syndrom) and clear up that brain fog and make you mentally sharper, more focused and productive. Using this approach I’ve had clients imprive their weight and fat loss as well increase their lean muscle gains.

The plan that you will follow will be 100% custom and bespoke to you. I dont beleive in a template system. I conduct these sessions via video call or in person depending on location. The great thing is that this service can be completely online and we can do the whole tihng at a time and day to suit you. 

Weight Loss

A plan to get your weight down to your desired goal. This is achieved through a method that suits you, your personality and your lifestyle. I believe in sustainable results and will privde you with every singel tool to succeed. I’ll help you with food choices, recipe and meal ideas, shopping lists and in the past I’ve even helped to reorganised a clients kitchen for them.

This service is mostly online based as it covers nutritional set ups. Upon application I can accept new clients for training sessions when I have the time. So this will be a blended approach with mostly online check in’s and some in person training. 

Physique shaping

This program is all about working hard and smart both in and out of the gym. The way this program works is that I’ll write you a training program to follow. Create a nutrition plan for you to follow and then if you’re in the right location and I have time then by application I may have time to train you in the gym. the great thing about all my services are that they can be both online and in person sessions.

This service is not limited to men, women that want to lose fat and tone up will also massively benefit from this program. Both in terms of aesthetics andb ealth. It’s been well proven there are numerous benefits to weight training.

Fat loss and shoot or show prep

This is for you if you’re just looking to make a physique change in terms of your body composition and not just looking for weight loss. 

This program is all about turning your body into a metabolic machine and ramping up all your functions to get your burning fat and showing off as much muscle as possible. 

Again this program can be both online and offline by application only. You will recieve a custom nutrition plan, a custom training plan and it will all be based on your goal timeline. 

For photoshoot and physique prep will only be started once we know you’re healthy. I will not sacrifice your health for the sake of aesthetics.

Pain Free Movement and Postural Correction

Through thorough movement anlaysis, I can assess which muscles are over active. Which are under active and leading to issues with movement or pain in the joint and muscle itself. I then set exercises to switch off the overactive muscle, switch on the under active muscle and coach your body back into effective, efficient and pain free movment. 

Postural coreection follow a similar detailed analysis of your body, identifying tight and short muscles. By knowing which muscle are tight, which muscles are stretched and weak. I can then set the apporiate stretches to loosen off what we need and set the right exercises to stregnthen weakened muscles. The end result is less pain and a corrected posture.

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